Nghia Hanh farmers enjoy bumper crop of green-skinned pomelos

During these days, farmers in Nghia Hanh District in Quang Ngai Province excitedly enter the harvest season of green-skinned pomelo. Pomelo prices, bought at the orchard by traders, range from VND25,000 to VND30,000 per kilogram, so many households earn VND50-100 million per green-skinned pomelo crop.

Lam Tan Don, a farmer in Phu Vinh Tay Residential Group, Cho Chua Town, Nghia Hanh District, grew 4,000 square meters of green-skinned pomelo trees. Each pomelo weighs from 1.5 to 3 kilograms.

He said that in this crop, he harvested 2 tons of pomelos, equivalent to VND60 million. After deducting the cost, he gained a profit of about VND50 million.

Trinh Ngoc The, a farmer in Long Ban Bac Village, Hanh Minh Commune, has 90 green-skinned pomelo trees. In this crop, he harvested nearly 4 tons of pomelos, earning about VND100 million. Depending on the fruit size, each pomelo tree gives from a few dozen to hundreds of fruits on average.

Last year, due to storms and floods, pomelo trees in Nghia Hanh District were damaged, affecting the quality. In addition, the consumption market was poor due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This year, the weather is favorable, so pomelo trees grow healthily. Pomelo prices are also stable as the market has recovered. As a result, the income of many farmers has improved, encouraging them to expand the growing area and invest in pomelo varieties.

Nghia Hanh District is the locality with the largest area of fruit trees in Quang Ngai Province, with 700ha of fruit trees. Of which, green-skinned pomelo area is about 200ha.

Currently, Nghia Hanh green-skinned pomelo is one of four types of fruits recognized as OCOP products.