Ultraviolet index in Southern region reaches harmful level

Ultraviolet index in the Northern, Central and Southern regions is able to reach 4-6 and even 7-9 with a high and very high harmful risk as well as cause potential danger to human health from sun exposure in the next three days. 

(Illustrative photo:EVN)

(Illustrative photo:EVN)

According to experts, too much exposure to UV radiation will cause skin hazards, even skin cancers. If the exposure is repeated for many times, the human immune system will be also affected. 

Amid the above- mentioned warnings, the elderly, kids and adults with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases should stay home, limit vigorous-intensity physical activities or should go out by public transport, wear face masks, protective clothing and sunglasses when going out or working under the sun.

​ By staff writer- Translated by Huyen Huong

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