Torrential rain & flashflood continues hitting north

Bad weather condition of torrential rain, flashflood and landslide left total 14 dead and missing in the Northern region, said the Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control yesterday.

Tuyen Quang Hydropower Plant opens its two doors to ensure reservoir safety.

Tuyen Quang Hydropower Plant opens its two doors to ensure reservoir safety.

The floodwater rapidly raised and poured to the Tuyen Quang Hydropower Plant with the volume of 2,100 meters cubic a seconds, higher than the volume of water discharge of the reservoir.
In order to ensure reservoir safety, the plant decided to open its two doors yesterday, and suggested opening more sluice gates of Tuyen Quang Hydropower Reservoir to control and balance the stream flow as well as protect  reservoir and downstream river.
Chief of the Central Steering Committee on Natural Disaster Van Phu Chinh said that both the northwestern and northeastern region will continue suffering long- lasting rain, flashflood and landslide.
The National Hydrology Meteorology Forecast Center added that heavy rain experienced on the large scale with its peak rainfall of 120- 138 mm. Medium- heavy rains are predicted to hit both the Southern and Central Highlands region by July 16.
The National Steering Committee on Climate Change & Natural Disaster and Ministry of Public Security asked local authorities in collaboration with functional agencies northern mountain province to adopt measures dealing with the current bad weather.

Accordingly, the localities need to eye the current weather condition, collaborate with the functional forces and authorities to check dangerous areas and take people to safe places.
On the same day, the Red Cross Society of Vietnam supported nearly VND 150 million for the affected families in Ha Giang, Hoa Binh, Lai Chau, Son La, Dien Bien and Thai Nguyen.
By 4pm yesterday, around 238 houses in districts of Tran Yen, Luc Yen and Van Yen, Yen Bai province were destroyed by the powerful wind and torrential rain.

BY VAN PHUC- QUOC KHANH- Translated by Huyen Huong

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