Saltwater intrusion in Mekong Delta to increase again in Mid-April

According to the National Center for Hydrometeorology Forecasting, the water level in the upstream Mekong River has slowly changed on the first days of April; however, saltwater intrusion on Vam Co and Mekong rivers is expected to highly rise following the high tide from Mid-April. 
Through the observation, the highest water level at Tan Chau and Chau Doc stations yesterday reached 1.30 meters and 1.40 meters respectively, raising 0.1 to 0.15 meters over the same period. 

The peak salinity at the stations during this period was about the same and higher than the highest salinity level at the end of March. The concentration of saline water was 4g/l penetrating 85- 95- kilometer into Vam Co Dong and Vam Co Tay rivers, from 45 to 50 kilometers into Cua Tieu and Cua Dai rivers, from 55 kilometers to 60 kilometers in Ham Luong River, from 50 kilometers to 55 kilometers into Co Chien River, from 40 kilometers to 45 kilometers into Hau River and from 55 kilometers to 60 kilometers into Cai Lon River. 

Saltwater intrusion in Mekong Delta to increase again in Mid-April ảnh 1
The water level on Tien and Hau rivers are warned to fall when the tide recedes.
During the peak period of saline intrusion, localities are recommended to limit irrigation to minimize damage for agricultural production, perform salinity testing before irrigation for fruit-growing areas with high economic value but low salt tolerance, and proactively implement solutions to store enough water for irrigation. 
It is likely that the salinity in the Mekong Delta for the 2020-2021 dry season has been higher than the level in many years but is not as serious as the dry season of 2019-2020. 

By Ngoc Dan- Translated by Huyen Huong

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