Quang Ngai bans vessels going out to sea

The Steering Committee on Natural Disaster Prevention and Control of Quang Ngai province yesterday asked the local steering committees on natural disaster prevention, relevant departments and agencies to ban fishing vessels from going out to sea in the current complicated weather condition, and carry out measures dealing with typhoon Doksuri. 

Fishing boats avoid storm in Ly Son Island.

Fishing boats avoid storm in Ly Son Island.

Additionally, the authorities must eye and update on-going weather news on sea and mainland to instruct and define safe position for all vessels. 

The locality asked fishing vessels operating in the dangerous zone must quickly move to safer places to avoid big wave and powerful wind.

Within next 24 hours, the dangerous zone will be defined at 13- 19 degrees north latitude and 109.5 degrees east longitude. 

Authority, residents and fishermen in Quang Ngai provinces needed to bring fishing boats onto the seashore, strengthen the dyke systems and fishing nets to protect people’s life and property. 

The Management Board of Dung Quat Economy Zone and other industrial parks needed to actively carry out measures dealing with the tropical storm.

BY NGUYEN TRANG- Translated by Huyen Huong ​

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