New tropical low pressure system enters East Sea

A tropical low pressure system has just appeared in the southern territorial water of Philippines, which moves towards the South of the East Sea of Vietnam, announced by the Central Hydrological and Meteorological Forecast Center.

On January 12, the tropical low pressure system was located at longitude 5.4 degrees north and latitude 125.4 degree east, which is now moving slowly toward west.

Currently, the temperature in the Northern provinces is dropping sharply; meanwhile, the northern mountain provinces also faces to a damaging cold. And according to forecast weather, cold weather will continue to hit the northern mountain provinces, north central and central provinces.

The cold weather condition will cause rain in some places of the central provinces; meanwhile, the weather on the East Sea also becomes worse with northeasterly wind at level 6-7, with gusts up to level 8-9.

Due to effect of cold weather, one more damaging cold is expected to hit the Northern provinces in the next days.

By staff writer- Translated by Huyen Huong

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