HCM City Residents Hold Much Hope from Party Congress’ Success

Right after the 10th National Party Congress concluded on April 25, Sai Gon Giai Phong reporters asked some people in Ho Chi Minh City about what they felt about the Congress.

Senior Buddhist monk Thich Tri Quang

Senior Buddhist monk Thich Tri Quang, vice chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the Viet Nam Buddhist Association and chief of the Executive Committee of the Ho Chi Minh City Buddhist Association: the 10th Congress ’ success is significant to the country’s development

In my opinion, the biggest success of the Congress is major policies to further facilitate the renovation process. The members of the new Party Central Executive Committee are younger, competent and have lots of prestige within the Party and among the people. Many Ho Chi Minh City leaders were elected into the Committee and they are not old. This is a good signal. 

At the Congress, the speech by Mr. Ngo Yen Thy, chief of the Government Religious Board, showed that the Vietnamese Government ensures religious rights for all citizens. This reiterates that the Party respects and support religious activities but is determined to fight anti-revolution forces that want to make use of religions and human rights to harm solidarity of the Vietnamese people and national development.

Mr. Ho Huy

Mr. Ho Huy, chairman and CEO of Mai Linh Corp: Business owners have more chances to contribute to the Party

Before the Congress, the people’s suggestions for the Congress showed their desire that the Party would continue renewal to make Viet Nam stronger and the Vietnamese people richer. The Party took in the suggestions and organized the Congress successfully.

Given the breakthrough of economic policies decided by the Congress, business people like me see lots of good news. The most notable point here is the Party allows its members to do their own business. This means that business owners will be able to join the Party.

We hope that when the Party opens its door wide, business owners who are Party members will have more opportunities to make more contributions to the Party and to national development.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Thong

Mr. Nguyen Trung Thong, in charge of administrative reform in Ho Chi Minh City: Party’s leadership not overwhelming Government administration

What I found most interesting is the fact that the Congress discussed the separation of the Party’s leadership with the Government’s administration. Previously, the Party’ leadership always went hand in hand with personnel issues in the Government, thus hurdling the dynamics of the State administration.

Many ideas at the Congress were that the Party should lead in policies, supervision and inspection, not intervene into the Government’s activities. This is very necessary. In Ho Chi Minh City for example, it is still difficult to organize examinations to recruit people for managerial positions at State agencies and district-level governments because the Party rules that only Party members can hold these positions.

Huynh Le Khanh

Huynh Le Khanh, student of the English Faculty of the Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities: When the Party and the Government are determined, and so will all the Vietnamese people

Via media, I saw that discussions at the Congress were effective and focused on hot problems in the society like fighting corruption and bringing the country out of poverty. Especially, delegates discussed measures for an annual 9-10% GDP growth rate because with an annual GDP growth target of 7.5-7.8%, it would take Viet Nam tens of years to escape the status of a poor country.

Why can’t we set the target at 9-10% a year? Our young generation likes such bold ideas. A popular saying is that “no pain, no gain”. When the Party and the Government are determined, so will all the Vietnamese people. All people will join efforts to make it happen?


By Staff Writers – Translated by Tuong Thuy

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