10th National Party Congress Formally Opens April 18

Under the theme of "Improving the leadership capacity and combativeness of the Party, promoting the whole nation’s strength and comprehensively accelerate reforming, quickly leading the country out of the underdeveloped status," the 10th National Party Congress of Viet Nam opens at the Ba Dinh Hall in Ha Noi on April 18, with the participation of 1,176 delegates.

An art performance to welcome the congress was conducted by the Ho Chi Minh City Philharmonic Opera and Ballet Theater on April 17.

Speaking to SGGP newspaper reporter, Vice-chairman of the Central Party Ideological and Cultural Department, Dao Duy Quat says participants in a preparatory conference held on April 17 have passed the working regulations of the Party Congress.

Accordingly, the 10th Party Congress will, as usual elect its new members of the Central Committee. Then, the Central Committee will elect members of the Political Bureau, the Secretariat and General Secretary, the Central Committee’s Supervisory Board and its Chairman.

Candidacy for the position of the General Secretary will be selected on the basis of the Central Committee’s election results in consultation with its new members. Of the newly elected members of the Political Bureau, the Central Committee will select the new General Secretary of the Party.

About the personnel plan introduced in the 10th Party Congress, Mr. Quat says the Congress has various choices of candidates. Within its responsibility, the 10th Central Committee will recommend some candidates, while during the 10th Congress, participants can offer further nominations or self-nominations.

On the occasion, the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture and Information has granted permissions to nearly 500 foreign and local journalists to cover the 10th National Congress. Also, from 8:30AM to 11:30AM of April 18, the Vietnam Television (VTV) will broadcast live the opening session of the Congress on its channel of VTV1.

On April 17, there was an art performance to celebrate the 10th National Party Congress at Ha Noi's August Revolution Square. It was presented by hundreds of actors and actresses from various art colleges and schools, including the National Light Music Theatre, Ha Noi Conservatory, Viet Nam Circus Federation, a group from Army’s Dance and Song School, Army Cultural and Art College.

On the same day, at the Ho Chi Minh City’s Opera House, the Department of Culture and Information also launched an art performance to welcome the 10th National Party Congress, conducted by the Ho Chi Minh City Philharmonic Opera and Ballet Theater.

Official Statistic Figures from the Organization Board:

Delegates who are members of the 9th Central Committee: 146, accounting for 12.37%

Delegates elected by the Party’s under-direct units: 1,025 (86.87%)

Appointed delegates from overseas branches of the Party: 9 (0.76%)

Female delegates: 136 (11.56%)

Delegates from ethnic minorities: 154 (13.10%)

Holders of the title of Hero of the People’s Armed Forces: 18 (1.53%)

Holders of the title of Hero of Labor: 7 (0.60%)

Holders of the title of People’s Teacher: 4 (0.34%)

Holders of the title of Meritorious Teacher: 13 (1.11%)

Holders of the title of Meritorious Doctor: 4 (0.34%)

Holders of the title of 40 years of Party Membership: 27 (2.30%)

Holders of the title of 50 years of Party Membership: 2 (0.17%)

Delegates graduated from colleges and universities: 81.29%

Delegates received PhD, Professor and Assistance Professor: 16.59%

Delegates who are at senior level or got BAs in political training courses: 96.52%

Average age: 52.92

Youngest delegate: Dinh Huy, 30, from Gia Lai Province.

Oldest delegate: Do Quanh Hung, 77, Lower Party Committee Secretary, also Chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City Veterans’ Organization.

By staff writers – Translated by Trong Khuong

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