War Victory Celebrated in Ha Tinh

A series of activities will be held to commemorate the 40th anniversary of a battle at Dong Loc three-way crossway on July 7, 1968. Singers including Thu Hien, Thanh Hoa, and Trung Duc took part in the opening ceremony. They sang of the glorious feat of arms of ten militia girls at Dong Loc three-way crossroad as well as the militia of Ha Tinh province.

From now until July 24, various activities will take place in Ha Tinh to commemorate the battle, including poetry and music, a children’s photo exhibit, a discussion about the battle.

Three hundred people who were militia members will attend, including some who fought at Dong Loc. There will be an exhibit on war crimes against women, and a prayer for the peace of those who died.

A performance of “Immortal flowers of Dong Loc” will be held on July 24. The VTV channel will broadcast the program live.

By D. Cuong- Translated by Cam Nhung

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