Vu Quang National Park releases three rare animals to wild

The Vu Quang National Park Management Board yesterday received two stump-tailed macaques (Macaca Arctoides) and one python molurus from local people to release them to the wild at the national park. 
The animals are listed in group IIB of rare animals restricted from captivity, hunted or used for commercial purposes.

Accordingly, the two injured macaca arctoides weighed four kilograms and two kilograms, respectively being taken care by local people in Huong Son District’s Son Linh Commune, Ha Tinh Province. 

The python molurus weighed over seven kilograms with its length of more than 2.5 meters being voluntarily handed over by local people from Tho Dien Commune in Vu Quang District. 

By Duong Quang – Translated by Huyen Huong

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