VNA marks 65th founding anniversary

The Vietnam News Agency (VNA) held a solemn ceremony on Sept. 15 to celebrate its 65th founding anniversary and receive the Ho Chi Minh Order award for the second time from the Party and State.

Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh and State President Nguyen Minh Triet sent baskets of flowers to congratulate the VNA. National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong and President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee Huynh Dam attended the event.

At the ceremony, participants commemorated President Ho Chi Minh – the beloved leader of the nation and the founder of the VNA (previously called Viet Nam Thong tan xa and now Thong tan xa Viet Nam ) – as well as fallen combatants, including more than 260 VNA staff members, who laid down their lives for the Fatherland’s independence and freedom.

Recalling the VNA’s 65-year history, General Director Tran Mai Huong said that on Sept. 15, 1945, the VNA transmitted to the world its first bulletin in Vietnamese, English and French that featured the historic Declaration of Independence read by President Ho Chi Minh at the Ba Dinh Square to establish the Democratic Republic of Vietnam just 13 days before, along with the member list of the Provisional Government of the new Vietnam. That historic day became the founding day of the VNA.

Having joined the entire nation in the struggles for national liberation, re-unification, construction and development, generations of VNA officials and reporters have upheld the spirit of bravery and readiness for sacrifice and hardship to contribute remarkably to the common cause and make up the glorious tradition of a State-owned news agency. The VNA has already been honoured with two Hero titles, namely the Hero of the People’s Armed Forces during the Resistance War for National Salvation Period and the Labour Hero of Doi Moi (Renewal) Period, Huong said.

As the nation entered the process of industrialisation, modernisation and international integration, the VNA also stepped into a new development stage with advantages, difficulties and challenges.

To maintain its role as the official provider of information and documents of the Party and State, and the ‘bank of information’ of the expanding domestic media system, the VNA has spared no efforts to improve the quality of news and diversify its methods of operation to make its information faster, more abundant, accurate and reliable.

According to the General Director, the VNA has grown strongly, with 63 domestic bureaus in all cities and provinces nationwide and 27 overseas bureaus located in all five continents of the globe. It has set up relations with 40 foreign or international news agencies and media organisations.

The VNA now has more than 40 publications in diversified forms, including print, audio, visual and electronic newspapers, covering major events and comprehensively reflecting the situation in terms of politics, economics, culture and society both in and outside the country.

The news agency has also provided sufficient and timely information about the outstanding socio-economic achievements the country has recorded during the renewal process, Huong added.

On behalf of the Party and State leaders, NA Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong congratulated and commended the VNA for the efforts and successes it has made over the past 65 years. The VNA must fully perform its functions and tasks, especially its role as the mainstream information channel, thereby creating high consensus in society, he said.

The NA chairman requested the VNA continue to be a pioneer in providing information about the policies and guidelines of the Party, as well as the policies and laws of the State.

The VNA must reflect the people’s aspirations and urgent issues, promote the land, people and culture of Vietnam to international friends and work as a bridge for domestic readers to better understand regional and world situations, he said.

Trong also asked the VNA to continue renewing and improving information channels so that information can be delivered immediately to people from all walks of life, both in and outside the country.

To accomplish these tasks, he said, the VNA needs to build a line-up of excellent journalists who are politically consistent, have a high standard of professionalism and professional ethics and have a sense of responsibility, and possess a thorough knowledge of local and world events, along with a mastery of state-of-the-art technology.

Source: Vietnamplus

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