Vinashin Prepares to Build 100,000-Ton Oil Tanker

"Tay Son 3", a 12,500-ton freighter built by Vinashin.

Viet Nam Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (Vinashin) plans to start building a 100,000-ton oil tanker this July.

The launch of the “Dung Quat 1” vessel, which will be the biggest ever built in Viet Nam, is scheduled for 2007.

The construction of dry dock No.1 is underway, said Mr. Vinashin Deputy General Director Le Loc.

The dock is expected to become functional in the end of June. Its gate is also a giant lifting float providing safe launches for oceangoing vessels.

The dock, which is 380 meters in length, 90 meters in width and 15 meters in height, meets with demand of building and fixing tankers up to 300,000 tons.

It is anticipated that the tanker will be launched in 2007, transporting material and oil to Dung Quat Oil Refinery in the Central Viet Nam.

Ha Minh – Translatd by Hoang Uy

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