Vietnam’s CPI soars by 4.5 percent

The country’s consumer price index (CPI) in November surged 0.48 percent from October, according to a report issued by General Statistics Office of Vietnam.

So the recently announced CPI data has increased by 4.5 percent since last December. Average CPI in 11 months of 2016 surged by 2.47 percent compared to the same period last year.

Among 11 groups of products and services in the CPI basket, nine of them went up. The prices of housing,  electricity, fuel, construction materials increased 0.5 percent, the prices of health care and educational services went up by 0.53 percent.

The country’s inflation indicator soared 0.1 percent compared to previous month and 1.87  percent over the same period last year. In general,  in 11 months of 2016, inflation soared by 1.82 percent compared to same period last year.

Increased inflation in 11 months reflected pricing changes. The prices of food, petrol, adjustment of educational services went up. However, the basic inflation fluctuated from 1.64 percent to 1.88 percent showing that monetary policy is stable, benefiting for macroeconomics.

By Anh Thu – translated by Uyen Phuong

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