Vietnam-Australia crime prevention centre inaugurated

A joint transnational crime prevention centre between Vietnam and Australia (JTCC) was inaugurated in Ho Chi Minh City on March 30.

Photo: Vietnam News Agency

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Sen. Lt. Gen. Le The Tiem, Deputy Minister of Public Security, affirmed that the centre is a vivid manifestation of the cooperation between the Vietnamese and Australian police on the basis of their mutual understanding, respect and assistance.

It also represents the spirit of memoranda of understanding signed between the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security and the Australian Federal Police in Hanoi in March 2006 and in Australia in August 2009, he added.

The JTCC aims to receive, analyze and process information on crime, particularly transnational crimes such as terrorism, drugs and weapons smuggling, money laundering, human trafficking, and economic and computer crimes.

It will build, manage and effectively utilize database systems on transnational crimes relating to the two countries and put forth specific cooperation measures--especially expanding its coordination with border-guards, maritime police and customs in preventing illegal cross-border activities.

Tony Negus, Chief of the Australian Federal Police, said the establishment of the JTCC has proven the two countries’ commitment to cooperating in seeking new methods to fight this international menace.

Through the centre, Vietnam and Australia are building a new international police family that will help narrow the network of international crime as well as reduce drug trafficking and other illegal activities.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

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