Vietnam Vows to Contribute to Stable Global Food Supply

 A Vietnamese representative has asserted that Vietnam would continue its efforts to contribute to the stable global food supply in the context of current global food and energy crises.

Ambassador Bui The Giang, Deputy Permanent Representative of Vietnam to the UN, made the statement at the UN General Assembly’s meeting on food and energy crises in New York on July 18.

“As the world’s second largest rice exporter, Vietnam is fully aware of its responsibility at this difficult time,” he said.

Vietnam in the past several months still signed rice exporting contracts with a number of Asian and African partners, the diplomat said.

Though the country expects to export at least 4.5 million tonnes of rice this year, Giang said, the Government has undertaken a series of emergency measures and will continue more intensive measures to increase agricultural production, thus ensuring sufficient rice supply in the domestic market and contributing to the global food supply.

The Vietnamese representative especially appreciated the Comprehensive Framework for Action (CFA) that the UN inter-agency High-level Task Force has just issued as it provided “a range of options from which choices can be made by governments and institutions as well as guidance and impetus to address immediate needs, build resilience and contribute to long-term food security”.

He asserted Vietnam “will study thoroughly this document in order to select and apply whatever best suited to the specific conditions” of the country.

While recognising the efforts of many countries and organisations in carrying out in-depth research for new sources of energy and maintaining oil production levels, the diplomat proposed that “the UN develop comprehensive study on the energy crisis and on that basis, produce a set of policy recommendations at national, regional and global levels.


(Source: VNA)

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