Vietnam television to air French documentary on President Ho Chi Minh


French producer Dominique de Miscault yesterday (Nov 15) agreed to allow the documentary film titled “Ho Chi Minh: Dream for Peace” to be broadcast on Vietnam Television's VTV4 channel in the near future.


Artist Dominique de Miscault (photo VN pictorial).

Vietnamese audiences will thus be reintroduced to the revolutionary cause of President Ho Chi Minh through the new French documentary.


“Dream for Peace” will be presented in French with Vietnamese or English subtitles, so that audiences around the world will have access to the story.


The film is based on the book Je reviens au Vietnam libre (I Returned to Liberate Vietnam), written by Leo Figuerre, a French journalist and a senior official of the French Communist Party, who was so impressed by President Ho that he documented his experiences at the Viet Bac resistance base in north Vietnam in the 1950s.


De Miscault, who is also the editor-in-chief of Franco magazine, has a deep perspective of Vietnam and has exhibited her pictures in France and elsewhere in Europe since 1969. She has held gallery shows in Vietnam, China and Russia. Her works have been displayed in Hanoi and HCMC more than 10 times.


She now works at the Association d'Amitie Franco-Vietnamien (France-Vietnamese Friendship Association), one of the first international organizations to support Vietnam's Agent Orange lawsuit for victims suffering from the chemical sprayed by the Americans during the US invasion to defoliate forests. She is also   editor-in-chief of the organization's magazine, Perspectives France-Vietnam.


A painter and photographer, De Miscault embraced the idea of making a Ho Chi Minh documentary for a long time and slowly gathered enough information, images and stories about the President to complete this remarkable documentary.

Source SGGP, VNA - Translated by MT

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