Vietnam striving to keep boundaries free from illegal entrances


The recent incident of a Vietnamese worker coming back home illegally from Cambodia and unintentionally spreading Covid-19 virus to others has alarmed the whole country of the danger if the national boundaries are not carefully monitored. Therefore, border guards all over the country are trying their best these days to keep these lands safer to ensure both the success of the current National Party Congress and the happiness of the upcoming Tet holiday.

The border guards in Nam Giang Border Gate are on their duty to safeguard the border lines. (Photo: SGGP)

The border guards in Nam Giang Border Gate are on their duty to safeguard the border lines. (Photo: SGGP)

Cha Lo International Border Gate, located in the central province of Quang Binh, is one of the most bustling gateways on the Vietnam – Laos border line. Thousands of Vietnamese citizens come back home from Thailand and Laos not only to enjoy a warm Tet holiday with their own family but also to avoid Covid-19 pandemic.

Aware of that, the border guard force of Cha Lo Border Post perform their duty at all booths 24/7.

Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Kinh, leader at Hong Keng Booth near Cha Lo Village, shared that the booth was formed 7 months ago with 4 border guards always staying alert to stop any illegal entrance into Vietnam. Despite the harsh and freezing weather, these officers take turn to patrol the area under their responsibility.  

In an interview with SGGP News reporters, Colonel Hoang Viet Dung – Chief of Staff of Ha Tinh Border Guard Headquarter – shared that as Tan Suu Lunar New Year is approaching, there are over 100 people coming back from Thailand or Laos to the provinces of Ha Tinh, Nghe An, Thanh Hoa, and Quang Binh.

Therefore, Ha Tinh Border Guard has formed 25 new booths along the 165-kilometer border line, with more than 320 guards on duty, to safeguard the sovereign as well as ensuring the medical safety of the community.

Simultaneously, Ha Tinh Border Guard is now delivering human support to Cau Treo Border Gate to fulfill their own duty.

Similarly, Lieutenant Colonel Do Xuan Trinh from Nam Giang Border Gate (under the management of Quang Nam Border Guard) reported that his people are currently responsible for 4 border booths, and they keep on patrolling the border line in their area 24/7 to stop citizens from illegally entering Vietnam.

These guards are closely cooperating with the local people and the military, the police there to ensure a safe and joyful Tet holiday without concerns about Covid-19 for the public.

On a visit to the border troops along the Vietnamese border in central areas, Lieutenant General Do Danh Vuong - Political Commissar of Vietnam Border Guard – extended his Lunar New Year greetings, delivered presents to soldiers and the poor.

He asked that the border guard forces continue to collaborate with one another to overcome obstacles and maintain their high spirit, their determination in such a challenging time. It is this harsh time that their country is entrusting its sovereign on their hand.

The Lieutenant General also reminded these soldiers to strengthen the friendship with Laos via border security maintenance during Covid-19 pandemic.

Observing the instruction of the Lieutenant General, Ha Tinh Border Guard launched various cultural programs to celebrate Tet holiday, delivering gifts to the disadvantaged in the area. These activities were highly appreciated and were an act to enforce the community spirit with local people. In turn, residents living along the border lines have promised to work well with the guards in keeping the boundaries free from any illegal entrance.

By SGGP Staff – Translated by Huong Vuong

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