Vietnam strives to set up 2,500 new agriculture enterprises

Around 1,555 agriculture enterprises have been established in the country in 2020 bringing the number of agriculture enterprises to over 13,280; plus, around 2,500 facilities will be hopefully set up in 2021 increasing the number of such enterprises to 15,600 ones, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

A member of a cooperative introduces agricultural produce (Photo: SGGP)

A member of a cooperative introduces agricultural produce (Photo: SGGP)

Furthermore, the Ministry said that the country set up 14 new agriculture cooperative alliances and 1,555 agriculture cooperatives in 2020 bringing the number of cooperative alliances and agriculture cooperatives to 68 and 17,300 respectively.
As planned, the country will strive to have 2,000 newly-established agriculture cooperatives by 2021 taking the number of cooperatives to 19,500. Of these, the number of effectively operating cooperatives will top 16,500 will work effectively, 2,500 will apply high technologies and 5,000 cooperatives will be responsible for consuming products of its members. In the country, 42,000 farms have been set up.
Cooperatives and farms are encouraged to connect with enterprises to process and consume agricultural produce. This step is hoped to inspire large-scale production and to replace small household production.

By Quy Ngoc - Translated by Dan Thuy

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