Vietnam rejects US human rights reports

Vietnam’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Nguyen Phuong Nga has rejected the US Department of State’s comments on the human rights situation in Vietnam , saying that it was built on untrue information.

Vietnam’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Nguyen Phuong Nga

Nga made the protest in reply to reporters’ queries about Vietnam ’s reaction to the comments on human rights in the country stated in the Human Rights Reports 2009 that was announced by the US Department of State on March 11.

“The US Department of State’s Human Rights Reports 2009 once more made partial remarks which are based on untrue information about the real situation in Vietnam ”, said Nga.

Vietnam ’s consistent policy is to respect and ensure human rights, she said, adding that over the recent past, Vietnam has reaped great achievements in ensuring human rights in all fields from the civil, political, and economic, to the cultural and social aspects.

The Vietnamese people are the beneficiaries and clearly understand this fact. The international community acknowledged and lauded such achievements by Vietnam , she stressed.

The spokeswoman added that Vietnam is always willing to cooperate and hold dialogues with nations and international organisations, including the US , to increase mutual understanding about differences, including those regarding human rights.

Source: Vietnam News Agenc

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