Two soldiers died and three missed in finding shipwrecked fishermen

Two officers,soldiers were dead and three missing while they were looking fortwo shipwreck victims in Se-re-pok River, central province of Dac Lac onMay 5.

After receiving information about two fishers who wereshipwrecked in the river at 7:45 pm on May 5, ten officers and soldiers came tothe scene to find the victims. However, at 9:15 pm, seven people including sixofficers, soldiers and one resident were swept away while they were findingvictims in the river because their motorboat was shipwrecked.

Faced with unexpectedsituation, a rescue group saved two people only - Ngan Van Huyen, 33, theresident and Lieutenant Phu Minh Ngoc Hung.

Until 10 pm the sameday, the group found dead body of the sublieutenant Cao Tuan Nam. The dead bodyof the private first class Chiu Tien Dung also was found at midnight on May5.

The group also foundthe two fishers’ body dead on May 6 – Nguyen Van Dan, 36 and Nguyen Van Luan,18, living at Buon Don District.

Dac Lac Provinceleaders and the province’s army command leaders came to the scene to guide tolook for remain people including Lieutenant Nguyen Manh Hung, sublieutenant TranPhuoc Minh and private first class Nong Van Tuan.

On May 7, Buon DonDistrict People’s Committee organized a solemn memorial service for twosoldiers, said major general Vo Duy Chin.

The Dac LacProvince’s Army Headquarter called for officers, soldiers to sharelosses with sacrificed soldiers’ relative and their families by actions aswell as to continue to look for missing soldiers.

By Binh Dinh, translated by Tran Tran

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