Total national forest area promulgated

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development this morning held a conference to summarize investigation and inventory implementation of the nationwide forest area within three years of 2013- 2016 in Hanoi capital.
Attending in the conference was Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung.

The ministry showed that over 6,427 communes of 60 provinces and cities had plans of forest and land using for forestry. 

In the period of 2013- 2016, Vietnam had nearly 14.4 million hectares of forest, including 10.2 million hectares of natural forest and 4.1 million hectares of growing forest. 

Of more than ten million hectares of natural forest, there are 8.8 million hectares of timber forest, 241,610 hectares of bamboo forest and 1.1 million hectares of mixed wood and bamboo forest, 4,787 hectares of coconut forest. 

The current coverage ratio is 41.19 percent compared to the total natural area of 33,09 million hectares.

The north- central and north-east region had the biggest coverage with 56.46 percent and 54.58 percent respectively. Next, the south- central, central highlands and northwest region had coverage ratio of 4.36 percent. 

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development affirmed that total forest coverage area has to  increase up to 42 percent by 2020. 

BY VAN PHUC- Translated by Huyen Huong

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