Thousands of children involved in school and family violence

Thousands of children involved in  school and family violenceEvery year, thousands of children are the victims of sex abuse, trafficking, family and school violence, Deputy Head of the Department of Child Care and Protection under the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs reported at a seminar.

Annually, around 1,000 kids are sexually abused; hundreds of children are trafficked; half of them are the victims of family and school violation; nearly 2,000 children get HIV from their mothers and about 3 million children living in low-income families do not know about the rights of children.

The seminar “ For the safety of children in preschools: Practicality and Measures” was held by the Ministry of Education and Training, UNICEF on April 8 in Hanoi.

A representative from the Ministry of Education and training said that in major cities where the population increase drastically due to immigrant, there has been a pressure on education sector meanwhile in disadvantaged rural and mountainous districts there is a severe shortage of facilities, schools, personnel.

By Lam Nguyen, Nguyen Tien - translated by Uyen Phuong

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