Thirty-eight tollgates of BOT roads lower fee

As per the Ministry of Transport, thirty-eight tollgates of BOT (build-operate-transfer) roads amongst 77 ones have lowered fee, following the government’s decision No. 35/NQ-CP

Tollgate of BOT road in CAi Lay District in Tien Giang Province ( Illustrative Photo: SGGP)

Tollgate of BOT road in CAi Lay District in Tien Giang Province ( Illustrative Photo: SGGP)

To implement the decision the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Finance sent its document to investors asking to cut down the payment after two ministries have reviewed investment fee and financial plan of BOT projects last year.
So far, only thirty-eight BOT projects followed the directive to lower fee amongst 73 stations comprising of 55 BOT projects and 18 tollgates in the middle of construction..
The Ministry of Transport cut fee for 31 stations while 18 other stations have collected low payment so they have not cut down fee. The remaining six stations have not implemented the new payment because investors did not want price adjustment.
Leaders of the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam under the Ministry Nam said that it will liaise with project investors to adjust fee level.
The negotiations is planned to finish in October and then the directorate will propose the Ministry to approve the new fee level. Once it is approved, BOT tollgates will reduce fee in November.
After reviewing fees for route from North to South Vietnam, the Directorate calculated that a car running from the northern province of Lang Son to the Mekong delta province of Bac Lieu must pay a maximum fee of VND4.54 million through 29 tollgates in the National Highway while it has to pay VND4.8 million if travelling on expressway.
Statistically, the country has 70 BOT stations collecting fee in national highways, of which, 10 stations have the distance of 60-70 kilometers between two tollgates while 20 stations have distances of under 60 kilometers and three are not BOT projects.


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