Students struggling to earn money in wake of COVID-19

Vietnamese in informal work and students who do part-time work are struggling to make ends meet as decline of customers for fear of coronavirus.

Self-employed photographers are hard to make ends meet in the wake of coronavirus (Photo: SGGP)

Self-employed photographers are hard to make ends meet in the wake of coronavirus (Photo: SGGP)

Being a third-year student of tourism faculty in a university, 21-year-old Do Dinh An in Tan Binh District works as a self-employed photographer. He enjoys large custom.
An shared to earn VND4-6 million (US$172-$258) per month which is enough to spend as he lives far away from family.
However, due to COVID-19, fewer customers asked him to take photographs. To cover everyday expenses, he has worked as a shipper for a cosmetic shop for month.
Similarly, 28-year-old professional photographer Nguyen Chi Thach in Binh Tan District said very few customers visited his shop. Some even accepted to lose deposit or transferred to May.
To make end meet, Thach delivered food from afternoons to nights.
Owner Yen Mi of a nail shop in District 4 sighed when she was arranging work schedule for employees because the shop was quite quiet. She didn’t have heart to dismiss employee; therefore, she arranged them to work 24-hour shift.
Young people working as MC were struggling in the wake of novel coronavirus. 26-year-old Hoang Yen in Tan Phu District said she earned a lot from hosting ceremonies of companies but she was unemployed this month. She resorted to work as a model for clothing shops to make ends meet.
Students who market products also moaned as My Nhien, a student of Ton Duc Thang University, said supermarkets and commercial centers have been quite quiet for this month; therefore, they didn’t hire students to market products any more.

By Thien Thanh - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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