RoK helps Vietnamese brides in Can Tho

The Republic of Korea will provide 75 million VND for 14 Vietnamese brides with broken marriages with RoK men to help them have a better life in their home city of Can Tho and reintegrate into the community.

The ROK Consulate and the Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KOCHAM) in Ho Chi Minh City presented the money to those people on Nov. 25.

In addition, the RoK Consulate in HCM City promised to create favourable conditions for those Vietnamese brides to promptly complete divorce procedures.

According to the Can Tho Women’s Union , the city recorded 25 brides returning home from broken marriages with RoK men due to differences in language, customs and culture or being maltreated.

Can Tho city reported nearly 6,300 marriages with foreigners, 60 percent of them being RoK citizens.

In future, the Can Tho Women’s Union will coordinate with the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family of the RoK to organise training courses on culture, customs and living skills for migrant brides in order to help them build happy and equal marriages.


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