Railway, road sectors damaged hundred billion dong due to floods

According to the Vietnam Railways Corporation and Directorate for Roads of Vietnam, floods and torrential rains prolonged over the past two weeks, causing serious damage to the railway and road infrastructure.

Railway, road sectors damaged hundred billion dong due to floods

According to the Vietnam Railways Corporation, floods and landslides following extreme rainfall affected 30 locations on the North-South railway route and operation schedule of trains.

Railway restoration cost would be up to dozens billion Vietnam dong.

Railway sector foresee a revenue loss of up to VND26.9 billion (nearly US$1,2 million), of which the revenue from passenger transport and cargo transport reduced around VND16.2 billion (nearly US$700 million) and VND10.7 billion (over US$461 million) respectively.

Concerning to the road, the Vietnam Directorate for Roads said that loss from traffic infrastructure across the Central region was estimated to be around VND355 billion (US$15.3 million).

Talus slopes and cracked roads from heavy downpours resulted in serious traffic congestion on inter-province national highways such as National Highway No.1, No.8, No.9, 12A, 12C, 14B, 14H, No. 49, 49B, the eastern and western branches of Ho Chi Minh Road. 

The Vietnam Directorate for Roads proposed the Ministry of Transport to submit an emergency rescue fund worth about VND100 billion (US$4,3 million) to the Government and the Ministry of Finance for initial restoration on the national highways. 

By Bich Quyen – Translated by Huyen Huong

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