Project to treat wastewater from households along Dong Nai River

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment in Ho Chi Minh City met with relevant authorities on Monday, to discuss a project for collecting and treating wastewater flowing from households along the Dong Nai River.

Wastewater from households along Dong Nai River will be treated (Photo: SGGP)

According to the department, Dong Nai River is receiving about one million tonnes of household and industrial wastewater each day.

Within the last five years, the river water quality has degraded because of high levels of COD, BOD and Coliform substances, far in excess of permissible limits, polluting the water supply for 16 million residents in the southern region.

As a result, it is very necessary and urgent to implement the project, the department said.

If the project is carried out, household wastewater from residential areas along the Dong Nai River will be collected and treated at the Thanh My Loi wastewater treatment plant in District 2 of HCMC.

The same day, the department hosted another meeting to discuss a plan to treat toxic waste in the city.

At present, HCMC receives 600 tonnes of toxic waste per day, of which only 30 tonnes is being treated.  Several businesses cannot afford to pay the high cost of treatment and hence continue to dump toxic waste on the sly, into the environment.

The department plans to compile sufficient data so as to construct an appropriate treatment facility.

By Ai Van – Translated by Hai Mien

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