Politburo requests to reduce air pollution, wastewater in Hanoi, HCMC

The Political Bureau (Politburo) requested for combating air pollution and wastewater discharge in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Dangerous levels of vehicle-related pollution in a road (Photo: SGGP)

Dangerous levels of vehicle-related pollution in a road (Photo: SGGP)

The Office of the Party Central Committee yesterday announced that after 5-year implementation of the eleventh National Assembly’s Party Central Committee’s seventh resolution about actively coping with climate change and enhancing natural resources and environment.
Through five years, the entire machinery of state and all walks of people’s awareness about climate change, natural resources prevention and environment protection has been raised. Vietnam's ability to defend against disasters has enhanced.
The administrations have also tightened control over natural resources and paid more attention to environment protection to reduce pollution.
However, there has been shortcomings during the procedure. It is forecast that many goals have not been achieved by 2020 since climate change develops faster than the prediction causing huge losses.
Worse, urban air pollution in big cities continues to rise at an alarming rate, wreaking havoc on human health and life causing concerns.
The Politburo asked party committees, local administration and unions of all levels to continue working towards the goal including raising awareness of actively preventing natural disaster and climate change as well as completing law system.
Some urgent missions must be done including update and specification of hypothetic situation of rising seawater to each localities and completion of anti-flooding works in Ho Chi Minh City. Moreover, anti-flooding solutions should be carried out synchronously.
Local administrations in the Mekong delta ought to finish and upgrade embankments and levee around coastal areas especially anti-flooding work in Can Tho City.
Moreover, local authorities urgently evacuate households from areas prone to erosion and flashflood plus invest in water reservoirs and irrigation work in areas which often suffer drought.
Additionally, map of underground water should be drawn to curb reduction of water. Finally yet importantly, local administrations should have policies to encourage people to use fresh water economically.
Furthermore, the Politburo ordered enhanced management of natural forests and contribution of forest resources to livelihoods and poverty reduction.
Additionally, local governments must tighten control over production causing environmental pollution and impose restriction of single-use plastic product import nationwide.
Air pollution and wastewater discharge in big cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City must be addressed soon with focus on environmental protection in rural districts, handicraft villages and large farms.
Households and enterprises are encouraged to sort out garbage produced by daily activities and treat solid waste respectively.

BY TRAN BINH - Translated by DAN THUY

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