Police officers in Da Nang to be taught foreign languages

The People’s Committee in the Central City of Da Nang planned to spend more than VND14 billion (US$600,000) on teaching foreign languages to police officers who regularly contact with foreigners, the city authorities announced yesterday.

Police officers are checking a hotel where foreigners stay (Photo: SGGP)

Police officers are checking a hotel where foreigners stay (Photo: SGGP)

The city People’s Committee has approved the plan to improve the foreign language proficiency of local police officers to adapt the new situation that more and more foreigners have entered the Southeast Asian country especially Da Nang City with different goals.
The Police Department and the Da Nang Foreign Language University will work together in developing the course curriculum, teaching materials for around 1,440 police officers who often come into direct contact with foreigners.
First off all, police officers will be taught English, Chinese and Korean. They will be taught English, Chinese or Korean, with 1,440 officers slated to take beginner’s lessons from 2020 to 2024 and 1,080 others to attend higher-level classes in the 2025-2030 period.
In 2019, more than 3.6 million foreigners entered Da Nang and many of them committed crimes and violations sophisticatedly. However, more police officers are bad at speaking English.
Presently, just 38 police officers have completed basic training in a foreign language while their peers are unable to speak a foreign language because they have not spoken for long time.
Therefore, the city planned to organize a refresher course which tops over VND14 billion ($600,000).
As per the city’s 10-year plan, around 1,440 police officers including traffic police, immigration, district security, district police, investigative police, and administrative management officers will be taught a foreign language.

By Nguyen Cuong - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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