PM requests ministries to curb prices

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung asked all ministries and authorised personnel on July 9, to curb prices of commodities and maintain the inflation rate at permissible levels.

PM Dung’s message made clear that during the first six months of this year the country’s economy continued to face tough challenges, hence it was imperative to achieve an inflation target of 15-17 percent.

PM Dung requested all ministries to implement a number of major solutions as prices of fresh food and food items in July were still at prohibited levels in some regions, affecting daily lives of residents’.

Price hikes must to counteracted and chairmen of cities and the People’s Committee of various provinces need to check prices of essential commodities such as fresh foods and food items, petrol, fertilisers, steel, cement and medicines to avoid speculation and fluctuating unseasonal price hikes.

PM Dung also asked ministries, sectors, localities, big cities and enterprises to ensure adequate supply of essential commodities in order to prevent price hikes. Violators need to be firmly dealt with and penalized.

Ministries, sectors and People’s Committees were asked to intensify inspections, keep a close watch on market fluctuation, combat trade fraud and ensure food hygiene and safety.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and Ministry of Health and Construction need to work together to make plans to promote production and keep a substantial stock of essential commodities available at all times to cope with any imbalances that may arise in supply and demand or a surge in market prices.

PM Dung reminded them to pay attention to the supply of goods to people in mountainous and remote regions and those recently affected by natural disasters. 

By Ph.Thao – Translated by T.Huong

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