PM approves National Action Plan on Climate Change

The Prime Minister has approved the National Action Plan on Climate Change for the period 2012 to 2020, which clearly states that Vietnam is one of the countries that will be affected negatively by climate change, in particular the Mekong Delta region.

Therefore, the tasks set until 2020 is to strengthen the capacity of climate monitoring and early warning of natural disasters; ensuring food and water security; actively responding to natural disasters, such as flooding in big cities; mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and developing low-carbon economy.

Environmental experts have called on Vietnam to make further efforts in providing economic incentives and better policies to promote "greener" buildings in the face of resource depletion and rapid urbanization.

Tides in Ho Chi Minh City(Photo: Internet)

However, green housing in Vietnam should be developed in ways that suit the country's economic conditions.

These include harnessing local resources, looking to simple construction solutions that are relevant to local technology and easy to maintain and affordable for consumers.

The plan also urged to promote climate-adaptable and energy-efficient buildings and to foster energy efficiency related to Vietnam's building and housing sector.

The Government has a major role to play in promoting sustainable construction, including enforcing stricter building codes and standards with regards to energy, waste and material usage.

Further efforts should also be made to encourage green private developments through the enhancement and implementation of green building incentive policies.

The PM also called for better legal frameworks, which would encourage and oblige project consultants, developers and owners to embrace sustainable technologies and materials.

In September, the Government approved the Vietnam Green Growth Strategy, targeting an 8-10 percent reduction in GHG emissions by 2020, compared to levels recorded in 2010.

Source SGGP, translated by Dan

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