Party leader highlights achievements of chemical force

Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh reminded the chemical force to be well aware of its important role in undertaking defence and security duties in the current situation of the country during his visit to the force on April 12.

Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh (C) and the chemical force.

At a ceremony held to mark the 50 th anniversary of the Day of the Chemical Force (April 19), the Party leader analysed the complicated developments in the world and the region and urged the whole Party, the entire people and army to heighten vigilance to firmly defend national independence, territorial sovereignty and revolutionary achievements, the renewal process and the cause of national industrialisation and modernisation.

General Secretary Manh said that due to the impacts of the slowing down world economy together with shortages and weaknesses in economic management and other internal causes, the Vietnamese economy has experienced a difficult period with high inflation, price hikes, and large trade deficit.

This is a challenge to the country, the Party leader said, urging the whole society to join efforts to curb inflation, stabilise the macro economy, develop production, practise thrift, ensure social security and continue maintaining sustainable economic development.

General Secretary Manh stressed that the army in general and the chemical force in particularly should grasp thoroughly and perform well the revolutionary tasks.

He urged the force to give timely and effective advises to the Central Military Party Committee and the Defence Ministry in an effort to prevent of chemical weapons that may cause mass destruction.

Chemical armimen, who are honoured with the Ho Chi Minh Order on the occasion, should also continue participating socio-economic development, helping people’s production and daily life, Manh said.

Source VNA

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