Party elites complete draft documents, personnel for 11th congress

The 12 th meeting of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee (CPVCC) (tenth tenure) wrapped up in Hanoi on March 28 with completion and fundamental preparations of draft documents and personnel issues for the Party’s 11 th Congress.

The 12 th meeting of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee (CPVCC) (tenth tenure) wrapped up in Hanoi on March 28.

Closing the meeting, Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh said the contents discussed and decided at this CPVCC meeting bear an extremely importance, showing the completion and fundamental preparation of draft documents to be made public to garner opinions from party congresses at all levels and of the National Assembly as well as from the public before being submitted to the 11 th National Party Congress slated for January 2011.

Affirming “the political platform is the combating flag of the Party”, the Party Chief emphasized that “the context of international arena and the revolutionary reality in Vietnam have required our party to maintain set orientations and at the same time supplementing and developing the 1991 Platform to fit requirements for the country’s development in the new period.”

According to the platform, by the end of the transitional period to socialism, the country would have to gain an overall goal of building fundamental socialist economic establishments with a developed and proper cultural, ideological and political superstructure, thus creating a foundation to turn the country into a prosperous socialist republic.

From now to the middle of the 21 st century, the entire Party and the entire people should spare no effort to build Vietnam as a socialist-oriented modern industrialised country, the Party Chief said.

Underlining the nation’s great and enormous achievements recorded after a decade of implementing the 2001-2010 socio-economic development strategy, Manh reflected the viewpoints of the 2011-2020 development strategy.

The viewpoints look forward achieving fast growth combined with sustainability, promoting sustainable development as the mainstream of the strategy and in the course of implementing the strategy, undertaking economic and politic renewals uniformly and appropriately for the goal of building a strong socialist republic of Vietnam with rich people and a democratic, just and civilised society.

The 2011-2020 strategy sets forth a general goal that by 2020, Vietnam will basically become a modern industralised country with stable, consensus, democratic and disciplined politics and society.

By 2020, the material and spiritual life of the people are set to be further improved, the country’s independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity be maintained, and the nation’s position and prestige in the international arena be continued to heighten, thus creating a solid premise for the country to advance to a higher development stage in the coming time.

Apart from devising the goals, the strategy also outlines a system of norms and specific targets and also defines development orientations.

In his closing speech, Party General Secretary Manh also mentioned the Party’s political report to be delivered at its 11 th congress. The report has the theme “Continuing to strengthen the Party’s leadership and combative capacity, promoting the aggregate strength of the entire nation, stepping up the renovation comprehensively, and creating a foundation for the country to become a modern industralised country by 2020”.

The report defines overall goals for the country in the 2011-2015 period, setting to continue to step up the renovation; raise the Party’s leadership and combative capacity; build a strong and pure political system; promote democracy and the entire people’s great unity; develop economy in a fast and sustainable manner; further improve the people’s living conditions in terms of materials and spirit; maintain socio-political stability; enrich external activities; defend firmly national independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity; and provide a foundation for the country to become a modern industrialised one by 2020.

To achieve the defined overall goal, the Party Chief underlined the main tasks that the entire nation needs to do, entailing stabilising the macro-economy, reforming the growth model and economic structure, improving the quality and effectiveness of sustainable development, mobilising and using effectively all resources, step by step developing a modern infrastructural structure, and continuing to perfect the socialist-orientated market economic institution.

He also referred to the need to develop and raise the quality of education and training as well as the quality of human resources, promote the development of science, technology and knowledge-based economy.

The entire country should work to make obvious changes in social advancement and fairness, continue to reduce poor households, improve healthcare services for the people, preserve and promote the nation’s age-old good cultural values, protect the environment, take the initiative in preventing and countering national disasters and dealing with climate change, the Party Chief said.

He underlined the must to intensify the national defence and security strength and power; maintain socio-political stability, independence, sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity, and ensure social order and security; deter and foil all schemes and plots of hostile forces; expand and heighten the effectiveness of external affairs and international integration.

Party General Secretary Manh pointed to the need to continue promoting democracy and the national great unity, perfecting and enhancing the effect and effectiveness of the operation of the socialist law-governed state, renewing and improving the operational effectiveness of the National Assembly, the Government, and local administrations, boosting administrative and judicial reforms, carrying out the fight against bureaucracy, corruption and wastefulness efficiently, and renewing and raising the quality of the operation of the Fatherland Front and mass organisations.

He emphasised the necessity to step up the building and strengthening of the Party in terms of politics, ideology and organisation, gradually “learn and follow the moral example of Ho Chi Minh”, enhance the Party’s leadership and combative capacity, build a pure and strong Party, raise the quality of Party members and officials, and continue to renew the Party’s leadership modes.

The General Secretary underlined that reviewing the implementation of the Party Statute is important and necessary for the cause of building the Party’s organisation in general. The CPV is the ruling party, building and strengthening its organisations from the central to grassroots levels must be associated with the process of building and strengthening the new regime’s political system under the leadership of the Party. The review process will help trace what provisions of the Statute should be revised and amended in conformity with the development process and the Party’s leadership tasks in the new period.

Regarding the personnel work for the CPVCC 11 th tenure, General Secretary Manh stressed how to build the 11 th CPVCC capable of fulfilling tasks in the new revolutionary period is a core issue of building the party.

The process of nominating personnel for the Central Committee is important and needs to be conducted in a scientific manner to ensure democracy, accuracy, objectivity and responsibility.

Highlighting the importance of the year 2010, General Secretary Manh called on the entire Party, people and army to bring into play the obtained achievements, seize opportunities, overcome difficulties, strengthen unity and unanimity in ideology and actions and exert efforts to fulfill the targets set out in the plan./.

Source: VietnamPlus

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