Operations of many taxi companies in Hanoi under inspection

The Hanoi Transport Department said yesterday that transport   inspectors will be checking operations of 12 taxi companies in Hanoi from November 11 till December 2.

The 12 taxi companies that will be inspected include Hanoi, Mua Xuan, Thanh Nga, Ba Sao, Hong Hung, ABC, Le Gia, Noi Bai, BG, taxi 123, taxi 14 and Phu Gia Taxi Company.

The department will task relevant authorities with suspending   operations of those companies found violating regulations on such matters as rates, vehicle quality and management.

Deputy Director of Mai Linh Taxi Company confirmed that strict penalties would certainly help create a healthier, competitive environment for firms. Substandard services always affect the image of this sector.

Earlier, a Phu Gia taxi company driver was arrested after he overcharged two Singaporean delegates to the 80th Interpol General Assembly meeting in Hanoi, 40 times more than the fare!

After the case came to light, Bui Danh Lien, Chairman of Hanoi Transport Association said a number of taxi operators condemned the driver’s action and demanded inspection of the Phu Gia taxi company as such acts had a negative effect on Vietnam’s national image.

By B.Quyen – Translated by T.Huong

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