North-South Express Railway estimated US$58.71 billion

According to a detailed report on the feasibility of the north-south high-speed railway presented by a consortium of consultants comprising of TEDI, TRICC and TEDISOUTH and JICA yesterday, the project will cost US$58.71 billion.

Leaders of the Ministry of Transport and representatives from related agencies, leading experts yesterday listened to the report on the feasibility of the north-south high-speed railway.
Around 60 percent of the 1,545 kilometers track will be viaducts while 10 percent will be underground and 30 percent is on land. The track is designed with two lines each 1,435 meter including 24 stations, five depots and 42 maintenance units.
The consortium plans to have trains run at 200 kilometers per hour after the first section is done then the speed could increase to 350 kilometers an hour when the whole line is completed in 2040–2045.
The track will use an electric multiple unit and automated control sign.
The project will include two phases; the first will build a 282-kilometer journey from Hanoi to Vinh and 362-kilometer stretch from Nha Trang to Ho Chi Minh City in 2030. The second will operate Vinh - Nha Trang to open to the traffic in 2040 or 2045.
The track will be built under the form of PPP.


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