National Assembly Approves 5 More Law Bills

Viet Nam’s legislative body passed five more laws on residency, tax management, dykes, technology transfer, and notary public on Wednesday, one day after the lawmakers approved six other laws.

Ho Chi Minh City inhabitants apply for ho khau from police officers. (Photo: SGGP)

The Law on Residency still maintains ho khau, a residency certificate existing in many decades, but embraces freedom of residence. The National Assembly assigned the Government to abolish regulations related to the ho khau system that have caused difficulties for citizens.

The law simplifies ho khau procedures. For example, a citizen from a province can get this certificate for residency in a centrally-governed city as long as the person owns a house in the city and has been living there at least one year.

Regarding the Law on Tax Management, the legislators did not give taxmen the authority to investigate tax fraud. Therefore, the police will continue doing this job. However, taxmen are allowed to use certain inspection measures to deal with tax fraud.  

The Law on Notary Public governs issues in the area including notary procedures and notary public management. 

The Dyke Law was built to protect dykes, embankments and the like. Therefore, houses, buildings or any other structures danger to the dykes or embankments must be removed out the protection range.

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Reported by Bao Minh and Ha My – Translated by Minh Tuong

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