National Assembly adopts 2011-2015 socio-economic plan

Vietnam News Agency file photo shows longan harvest in northern Vietnam

The National Assembly on Nov. 8 adopted a resolution on the five-year socio-economic plan for the 2011-2015 period with 10 economic, eight social and two environmental targets.

Under the plan, the NA set a target for GDP growth of 6.5-7 percent while ensuring that social investment represents around 33.5-35 percent of GDP.

By 2015, the trade deficit should be less than 10 percent of export value; with the State budget deficit below 4.5 percent and public debt no more than 65 percent of the country’s GDP.

The plan sets targets of providing jobs for 8 million people and reducing the unemployment rate in urban areas to less than 4 percent.

It also aims to reduce the poverty rate by 2 percent every year.

The NA approved nine orientations and solutions for socio-economic development in the 2011-2015 period.

They include restructuring investment – focusing on public investment – the commercial banking system and financial organisations and economic groups and State corporations.

In addition, inflation control and the stabilisation of the macro-economy and the currency will be maintained through synchronous and persistent implementation of financial policy and control of the trade deficit.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

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