NA Committee urges Govt to stay the course on administrative reform

Administrative reform requires the Government to remain determined since it is a continuous and arduous task, the National Assembly Standing Committee said.

An official supervises a public service office in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City (Photo: SGGP)

The statement was made by the Committee at a meeting on September 28 to hear reports on supervision of administrative procedure reform under the master program on administrative reform in the period 2001-2010.
At the meeting, Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Government Office chairman, said after checking 5,421 administrative procedures, relative agencies have proposed amendment to 4,146 procedures, abolition to 480 ones, and replacement to 180 ones.
Mr. Phuc said, “Reform projects will help to save about VND30 trillion every year. The Government has planned to simplify additional 5,000 administrative procedures.”
According to the NA Law Committee, the Government’s administrative reform program has been implemented for long time and gained achievements.
However, the committee said, procedures in some fields and phases are still complicated, and the progress of administrative reform is still slow.
The committee said many officials and civil servants remain tardy in performing their tasks, authoritative, and corrupt, causing people and enterprises unsatisfied with the administrative procedure reform.
The one-door model applied at some localities has yet to show all of its functions, because involved agencies have acted as a place to receive documents and give results, not resolve issues directly, the committee added.
On the same day, the Committee members also gathered to contribute ideas for the National Assembly’s 2011 supervision program.

Almost all the members of the committee agreed with the appraisal report on the NA's supervisory tasks this year. Some suggested a re-assessment of the supervision of previous elections to develop a more appropriate scrutiny program.

When providing suggestions for next year's supervision program, the majority of the committee asked for a specialized agenda on supervising the implementation of laws and policies on environmental protection in industrial and export processing zones, and craft villages.

Environmental pollution is becoming an increasingly critical issue, prompting the concern of NA deputies. Despite the introduction of the Law on Environmental Protection, the environment was still being severely polluted.

By A.Thu – Translated by Hoang Thi

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