My Thuan 2, Rach Mieu 2 Bridges to be started construction soon

The No. 7 Project Management Board under the Ministry of Transportation has just released the project document as well as plan to build the My Thuan 2 Bridge and its pathways linking two bridgeheads.
Accordingly, the My Thuan 2 Bridge is currently located at 350 meters upstream from My Thuan Bridge, the main bridge crossing the Tien River.

Total length of the My Thuan 2 Bridge is 1,906 meters (current bridge’s length is 1,553 meters), and its width is 25 meters (current bridge’s width is 23 meters), including 6 lanes for motor vehicle.

Main structure is designed a cable-stayed bridge and reinforced concrete bridge deck.

Total investment capital for the bridge and pathways is over VND 5 trillion. The construction period is expected to perform from 2019 to 2023.

According to the No.7 Project Management Board, Rach Mieu Bridge 2 linking Tien Giang province and Ben Tre province has been set up, with total investment of VND 5.1 trillion from ODA loans being submitted by the Ministry of Transport to the Prime Minister for consideration. 

If approved, the project will be started in 2021 and completed in 2024.

Total length of Rach Mieu Bridge 2 and its pathways is about 9 kilometers, and the bridge width is17 meters, including 4 lanes.

The Rach Mieu Bridge was completed and put into use in 2009 with its structure of cable-stayed bridge and width of 12 meters but often overloaded; therefore, the construction of Rach Mieu Bridge 2 will contribute to solving traffic jam and ensure traffic safety, and to shorten travel time between Ho Chi Minh City  and the Mekong Delta provinces.

BY PHAN THANH- Translated by Huyen Huong

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