Ly Son residents face fresh water shortage

The People’s Committee of An Binh Ward in Ly Son Island District of Quang Ngai Province proposes to draw 100 cubic meters of fresh water from a water storage depot located on the Island, to help 110 households faced with shortage of fresh water.

A corner of Ly Son Island

Residents of An Binh Ward or Be Island are facing a fresh water crisis because of prolonged drought conditions during the past three months which has also caused the water reservoirs to dry up.

Residents are compelled to buy water from An Hai and An Vinh Wards at exorbitant rates of VND130, 000-150,000 per cubic meter.

Phan Dinh Phuong, Chairman of People’s Committee in An Binh Ward, said that the ward will provide fresh water to residents for their daily activities in coming times.

Recent years has seen a depletion of fresh water in wells in Be Island due to climate change, causing anguish to local residents.

The ward authorities have asked Ly Son Island District to build a reservoir with storage capacity of 3,000 cubic meters to deal with the present water crisis.

Earlier, in the beginning of June this year, the Doosan Heavy Industries Company conducted research on installing a system to convert seawater into fresh water to resolve this critical water shortage, both on Be Island and in Ly Son Island District.

By T.Vu – Translated by T.Huong

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