Loving “Rice ATM" overflows for those in need in Ca Mau

A ‘rice ATM’ was put into operation in premises of the People’s Committee in the Mekong Delta Province of Ca Mau with the motto “ For underprivileged only; if you are ok, please let others take” on April 12.

Poor people receive rice from the rice ATM in Ca Mau (Photo: SGGP)

Poor people receive rice from the rice ATM in Ca Mau (Photo: SGGP)

After its presence in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, a automatic rice ATM has arrived in the district of Ca Mau Province.
Accordingly, "the rice ATM" was initiated by chairman of Ward 8 People’s Committee Tran Quang Vinh in collaboration with his friends with the wish to help the underprivileged and lottery tiket vendors who affected by the squeeze the novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic
Chairman Minh said that it took only 26 hours to put his idea into practice.
After the rice ATM’s operation, many disadvantaged people have come to take rice, which can somehow help them overcome their financial crisis condition arising from unemployment amid the worldwide pandemic.
At the “Rice ATM”, the People’s Committee of Ward 8 has assigned staffs to instruct people how to use “the rice AT” in a proper manner. People lined up in order and at a distance of 2 meters from each other to ensure the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic.
According to Mr. Vinh, at first, he and his friends called for contribution of organizations and individuals to help poor people but later when the “rice ATM rice” was completed, more and more benefactors constantly brought  rice to maintain “the rice ATM”.
“We will maintain this automatically-dispense rice machine until the end of the quarantine period, with the wish to partly alleviate difficulties for people suffering from the Covid-19 epidemic. After that, depending on the situation, especially the source of rice, we will consider the next steps ”, shared Mr. Vinh.

By Tan Thai - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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