International media praise late Prime Minister Phan Van Khai

Australian media outlets have run several articles on former Vietnamese Prime Minister Phan Van Khai after he passed away on March 17.

Former Vietnamese Prime Minister Phan Van Khai (Source: VNA)

Former Vietnamese Prime Minister Phan Van Khai (Source: VNA)

In its article on his death, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) assessed Phan Van Khai as “an architect of Vietnam's economic rise”.

Meanwhile, the The Australian newspaper stressed that the former PM was a great contributor to Vietnam’s economic growth and the country’s first prime minister to visit the United States after the end of the war.

“Khai oversaw Vietnam's fastest and most stable economic growth during his nine years in office from 1997 to 2006. He signed a bilateral trade agreement with the US in 2000 and oversaw Vietnam's entry into the World Trade Organisation in 2006,” the article wrote.
Earlier, when Khai was hospitalised, several Australian newspapers posted articles recalling his two visits to Australia. In 1999, the Sydney University  - Australia’s first university  - conferred a degree of Doctor of Science in Economics upon the former PM for his contributions to Vietnam’s economic and political democracy.

Germany’s Deutsche Welle newspaper also reported on Khai’s death and gave readers a brief biography.

“He was prime minister for nine years beginning in 1997 and ushered in an era of reform that saw Vietnam transform itself into one of Southeast Asia's fastest-growing economies,” the newspaper said.

Former Politburo member and former Prime Minister Phan Van Khai passed away at 1:30 on March 17 at Cu Chi, Ho Chi Minh City, aged 85.

Phan Van Khai was born on December 25, 1933 in Cu Chi district, Ho Chi Minh City.

As one of the high-ranking Party and State leaders in the first phase of the country's Renewal and nation-building cause, PM Khai was active and determined to build the institution under the spirit of renewal to utilize the capacities of all economic sectors, especially the private one, together with opening door to the world and integrating internationally. 

During his nearly two working terms, fundamental laws in the first phase of the Renewal and door-opening process were built.

The Government chaired by PM Khai left its working-term marks by the issuance of the Business Law, the annulment of hundreds of licences, the involvement in many tough talks to negotiate Vietnam's admission to the World Trade Organization (WTO), and more.

The Party and State have presented PM Khai the Golden Star Order and the 55-year Party Membership Badge (2014), in recognition of his dedications to the country's revolutionary cause.


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