Health sector steps up more self-financed hospitals: Deputy PM

Speaking at an online meeting of the health sector on January 19, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam required the sector to step up self-financed infirmaries in 2018.
The Deputy PM mentioned development of grass-root clinics yet it carried out gradually depending each locality’s condition and ability or else it will be a waste with low efficiency.
Mr. Dam stressed on building up a transparent medical environment and safe hospitals with the focus on protecting medical workers and patients as well as issuing harsh punishment on those attack doctors and nurses
Hospitals are not tidy up and transparent in collecting and spending charges as well as medical staffs’ duty. Relatives of patients attacked medical staffs because there had been misunderstandings between them, said Mr. Dam.
At the meeting, Health Minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien informed in 2018, the sector will concentrate on ten major missions to undertake health-care coverage as per the Party ‘s decree. 
Amongstimportant missions, the sector must take heeds to improve people’s health condition and population duty in the new situation. 
Takingcare of people’s health project will combine with project to improve Vietnamese people’s stature in the period 2011-2030. 
Health Minister required hospital managers to reduce stay in hospital to the maximum for patients’ benefit as well as increase doctors’ working time in daytime.
The Insurance agency of Vietnam must raise pay for insured patients who stay in local medical facilities.


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