Hashtag BanhmiVietNam becomes hot in social network

Following incorrect information from some people from South Korea about banh mi, the famed Vietnamese bread, hashtag #banhmiVietNam has received good response from young people who have spread the hashtag in social network.
Because tourists from South Korea complained that they were given pieces of banh mi in the Central City of Da Nang, in statuses in social network, young Vietnamese people shared their pride of Vietnamese food with the photos of banh mi in Facebook attached to the hashtag.
Vietnamese people have written that banh mi can be street food but it can be one of food served in deluxe restaurants, banh mi is one of Vietnamese food that all people in the world know or the food richly deserves to be honored by all people in the world.
Along with hashtag#banhmiVietNam, an owner of a famous bakery has lately made bread with dragon fruit and durian pie to help consume the fruit. Dragon fruit breads have been sold like hot cakes to help farmers to overcome present situation.

By Kim Loan - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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