Harsh penalties against those drying rice straw in roads

As per the National Committee of Traffic Safety’s direction, those who use roads to dry agricultural products after harvest or burn rice straw generating smoke and danger for the road traffic will receive harsh penalties.

The committee has requested people’s committees in cities and provinces and the Ministry of Transport to remedy drying agro-products on roads and burning rice straw on roadsides causing dangers for vehicles.
Accordingly, the departments of transports in coordination with local administration must impose severe fines on violators.
The committee said that last time, illegal use of roads for drying agro-products and fire burn on dry rice straw after harvest rice crops before planting of next crops that generate smoke and danger for the road traffic.
Worse, in some localities, people use brick to queue a line on roads to prevent vehicles entering drying sections and they drive handmade vehicles in the middle of roads to pick up dried agro-products which leads to horrified accidents.
People’s awareness of traffic is low; moreover, local governments have not increased information of traffic regulations to them; subsequently, the committee proposed municipal and provincial people’s committees to build proper shelters where people can dry their agro-products.


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