Hai Phong announces suspension of district leaders in controversial land case

Leaders of the northern port city of Hai Phong on Saturday night announced the decisions to suspend the Tien Lang District People’s Committee chairman and deputy chairman, who were involved in a land revoking case in the city that drove farmers to shoot at six policemen and soldiers early January.

Le Van Hien, the district’s deputy Party chief and People’s Committee chairman, and People’s Committee deputy chairman Nguyen Van Khanh were suspended from position on Feb. 2 for ordering the January 5 land seizure.

Le Van Hien (R), deputy Party chief and People’s Committee chairman of Tien Lang District listens to a Hai Phong leader reading a decision of his suspension on the Feb. 11 night

The land case has stirred up the public’s concerns.

Hai Phong leaders said they continued to investigate the case.

The decisions say the two district leaders receive 15 days of suspension as from Feb. 10. Mr. Luong Huu Huyen, another People’s Committee deputy chairman of the district, is the caretaker.  

The controversial land seizure took place in Vinh Quang Commune on Jan. 5. A man named Doan Van Vuon and his family members used handmade guns and mines to fight against police officers and soldiers who came to their house and farm to force them to hand over the land.

By staff reporters, translated by Tuong Thuy

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