Fisherman in An Giang Province catches rare fish species

The giant ‘Pangasianodon Gigas’ catfish caught by a fisherman in An Giang Province

A fisherman in An Giang Province in the Mekong Delta caught a rare 72 kilogram freshwater catfish of the ‘Pangasianodon Gigas’ species that are currently on the critically endangered list, announced the provincial Department of Fishery.

After the fisherman caught the fish, it was transferred to a private freshwater lake in Quoc Thai Commune, owned by Tran Van Hien.

Staff from the Department of Fishery will monitor this rare fish until it is fit to be released into one of the tributaries of the Mekong River.

The giant ‘Pangasianodon Gigas’ catfish species is currently under threat of extinction due to over-fishing. This species is one of the world's largest freshwater fish, measuring up to three meters in length and weighing more than 300 kilograms. It is endemic to the Mekong basin.

By A. Giang - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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