Fisheries authority warns people not to collect snail ashore for food

The Division of Fisheries in the Central Province of Quang Binh yesterday warned residents not to collect xoan shellfish that were washed ashore to avoid poisonous snails.
The Division of Fisheries also sent its proposal to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment asking to check seawater quality in the area where shellfish have been washed ashore.
Simultaneously, the National Agro-Forestry-Fisheries Quality Assurance Department under the Department of Natural Resources and Environment has taken the creatures for testing whether they are venomous.
Le Ngoc Linh, Head of the Division of Fisheries said that it is a rare phenomenon that shellfish were washed ashore. Inspectors reported a large number of snail were drifted ashore in communes Quang Dong, Quang Xuan and Thanh Trach ( around 10 tons of snails was washed ashore in these communes)
Before the tropical storm No.5 had made landfall in the area a month ago, the sector has noted that fishermen caught more xoan snail than years before. Averagely, fishermen of a fishing boat could catch 100 kilogram of xoan snail a day, said Mr. Linh.

By Minh Phong - Translated by Anh Quan

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