First waste water monitoring device in Vietnam

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment in the southern province of Binh Duong inaugurated the first automatic monitoring device for waste water, for measuring waste water from industrial parks within the province.

The department has selected six industrial parks in the province for installing the monitoring device. The selected parks are Vietnam-Singapore, Dong An, Viet Huong I, Song Than I and II. In addition, 15 other industrial park groups and enterprises have also been installed with such special devices.

Moreover, 21 sites have installed cameras to observe waste discharge from treatment plants.

The device can observe waste discharge from plants round the clock and measure specifics as well. All figures of waste water discharge will be transmitted to the Department of Science and Technology.

The project cost VND28 billion (US$ 1,362,000).

The department will propose to the province People’s Committee to issue regulations to force enterprises to install waste discharge monitoring devices and connect them to the department who will manage waste discharge from factories in industrial parks in the province.

The department will order 50 firms with huge waste discharge to install the devices in the hope of controlling 60 percent of waste discharge in the province.

By Quach Lam - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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