Essential commodities urgently brought to areas forcast hit by storm

The Vietnam Red Cross Society prepared VND1 billion ($44,002) and essential commodities to transport to the central provinces that were predicted hit by storm Doksurin.

Volunteers in Quang Binh Province cut trees in preparation for the storm (Photo: SGGP)

Volunteers in Quang Binh Province cut trees in preparation for the storm (Photo: SGGP)

The society convened a meeting to discuss measures to aid residents in the storm-hit districts yesterday. As per the plan, the society is ready to give cash and bring essential goods to support people in the central provinces where the storm is being forecast to make landfall.
The Society said it has set up an rescue team in the central province of Quang Binh to provide aid in districts Quang Trach, Tuyen Hoa, Minh Hoa, Bo Trach, Ba Don Town which are predicted to be hit by storm to evacuate more than 20,000 households to safer shelters and fix houses in poor repair.
Containers of essential goods for each family and 1,290 water disinfectant boxes are distributed to residents in districts and towns for emergency aid. In addition, the society prepared two rural water filter systems to provide clean water for many household in affected areas.
On the same day the Ministry of Health sent its document to its sub-divisions in coastal cities and provinces from the northern province of Quang Ninh to the central province of Khanh Hoa, ordering implementing measures to cope with the storm.
As per the guideline, health departments were asked to keep tracks on storm development and join with related agencies to help local inhabitants. Moreover, the Ministry requested medical centers to prepare enough medications and chemicals for treating people.
Medical workers must work around the clock to provide treatment to people. Hospitals must have plan to evacuate patients and equipment to safer shelters.


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